23 June

                           MOW COP  Congleton 


                            Post code  ST7 3PP

                                      What3 words     foods.yours.flute

                            Clerk of Course:  MARK PAYNE / LINDSAY BOYES

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What We Do

We are a friendly, slightly nuts, group of off-roader's, who battle wind, rain, snow and (very) occasionally sun, to brutalise our motors at trials events and see just how far we really can push the boundaries of performance - without killing ourselves or each other! We do this at least once a month, usually on the second Sunday in the month except for bank holidays, which, twice a year are a two day event in May and August.

Our events are RTV and CCV trials, run under the MSA rules and we welcome members from other MSA and ARC clubs who wish to come and drive at our trials.

We also indulge in a random variety of club nights over the year based on demand / whim / fancy a beer, usually involving copious alcohol and people generally having a good old laugh, often at each others expense.

Welcome to all MSA and ARC Trials Clubs!

You are welcome to come and join us at any of our events and if it doesn't scare the pants off you we can probably find you a half decent motor to buy so you can have a go yourself.
We like fresh blood (so to speak!), it keeps us on top of our game and stops us getting complacent and lazy!

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07866 506521