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Stop Press!!
Ian (ALF "Alien life Form") Davies has seen the light!!

No, No.....he's not suddenly got God bothering tendencies but he has called the wedding off!

Don't worry if you've already booked a room, we're all off out on a pub raid round Burnley instead. It's Halloween so we should all fit in nicely!
It's Bucket, Spade and "X" marks the spot time again

Next event is the three day event at Robin Hood's bay from 29th - 31st August 2015 (technically, it's a two day event if you don't count the all day session in Whitby on the Saturday but it's part of the whole "endurance" event so you've got to really!)

Yo... Ho... Ho.... and a roll into the bay!!

August 2015

Adolf's Peev of the month for sunny month of August is Tyre Compliance (dei rubberen fur grabben grippen und sprayen si bricken und crappen on si rubbernecker). All CCV motors, irrespective of class must be fitted with tyres of a make and type that comply with the 2015 MSA regulations. All RTV motors must have either legal road-going tyres or a make and type from the CCV listing.


We are a friendly, but more than slightly nuts, group of off-roader's, who like nothing better than to take our motors and get  them very dirty and brutalised at trials events no matter what the weather. 



We battle wind, rain, snow and (very) occasionally sun, all with a view to seeing just how far we really can push the boundaries of performance without killing ourselves or each other (preferably!!).



We do this at least once a month, usually on the second Sunday in the month except for bank holidays, which, twice a year are a three day event and which are held at Robin Hood's Bay.



Our events are RTV and CCV trials, run under the MSA rules and we welcome members from other MSA and ARC clubs who wish to come and drive at our trials.



We also indulge in a random variety of club nights over the year based on demand / whim / fancy a beer, usually involving copious alcohol and people generally having a good old laugh, often at each others expense.

Dan Riley christens his new toy on it's maiden voyage!!

You are welcome to come and join us at any of our events and if it doesn't scare the pants off you we can probably find you a half decent motor to buy so you can have a go yourself. We like fresh blood (so to speak!!), it keeps us on top of our game and stops us getting complacent and lazy!.

MSA and ARC club members are welcome to come along and join our events. Phone Mark on 07866 506521 / 01282 703718

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Results For Mow Cop

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Champ Points For 2015 to Ings


Tyre Regs Updated for 2015

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Pics For Catlow

Bottom Box For Robin Hoods

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