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Well the idea was good but somewhere the Gremlins got in. We arrived at Kettlewell just after 2pm on Saturday afternoon to find haymaking in full swing. Ian Bartram was hitched to the hay trailer while the rest of us heaved bales, I think its fair to say that we all enjoyed it, most of us townies don't get much chance to be a country bumpkin even though we might look like them most of the time!

The safari was postponed until tea time which didn't make a great deal of difference as there were only six vehicles there taxed for the road and only 5 of

them wanted to go. It was unfortunate however that Howard Leahy had come specially for the Safari but had to go before we started, sorry Howard'. We eventually set off on a nice gentle safari, as promised'. Over the head of the dale to Semerwater, then back up the other side of Semerwater and over the old Roman road, which is the continuation of our Cam Fell Safari track and indeed comes out on the road just opposite Cam Fell, we dropped back down into Buckden and then back to Kettlewell .

The treasure hunt in the evening was well supported with 13 entries, 7 Land Rovers and 6 cars would you believe! There were 18 clues and 4 items of treasure to

find over a course of 4 1/2 miles, with  penalties for exceeding the time limit of 1 1/2 hours and the mileage allowance of 5 miles. It gives some kind of indication

as to the amount of brain power being expended, when out of a possible maximum of 110 points the eventual winner had 95 points while 3 of our ace clue spotting teams managed to get minus scores and that was  AFTER comparing notes!

The eventual winner was Richard Hobbs (in a Volvo?? Still, he did keep it on its wheels I) with a score of 95 while the runner up was no less a person than the

Hon Chairman Neil Millington and team Harry & Linda ... I don't think they cheated!

People then spread out'to various local hostelries to partake of a noggin, it was while in a euphioric alcoholic haze that I was introduced to one of our

latest club members, one Gerald Jack Russell. A lively little fellow with a liking for great Danes and the occasional playful nip at your ankles. Still, he likes BB Sso I got on well with him. His Lancastrian type owners weren't bad either!


The gymkhana on Sunday morning got under way an hour late due in part to the night before, and partly because of......... the night before.

Still better late than never, and if, as has been rumoured, some people decided to go because of the delay.

I can only apologise on behalf of those of us running the event, and hope that perhaps in future they might be a little bit more patient,

All the usual games and frolics were laid out in the field high above Kettlewell. There were 12 entries and we had them wiggle woggling, hoop throwing, gate guessing, garage driving, clover leafing, and cone spearing; One particular test after lunch was quite novel. Norman Close devised it and quite simply involved doing the clover leaf in a set time of one minute, without of course using anything other than your brain!

It was amazing how difficult it was to guage one minute while driving round, those who thought they had foolproof system usually did worse than those who just counted, the only chap to get it smack on was Norman himself who just had to do it twice to prove it wasn't a fluke.

On a different note Norman's LWBase is quite an interesting machine. The whole of the chassis is completely home made from what looks like 1/8th plate, the large Perkins diesel engine drives through a 5 speed wagon gear box via a dumper clutch, to an ex army transfer case, & the handbrake works on the front propshaft. All this lot rolls on. a set 25X16 radial Lyres on forward control rims!. The pulling power of this concoction was ably demonstrated when Messr's Sample and Horner put their 2 eighties’ to the test by a challenge tug of war. The 2 eighties shackled together couldn't outpull Normans LWBase, try as they might.

Robert Close, our ex president and host at Kettlewell was kind enough to present the prizes for us.

1st. Jonathan Oldfield           ?52 points

2nd. Ted Hartley                 258 points

3rd. Howard Learny               297 points

4th. R. Hopwood                   359 points

I shall having words with the local man about the weather again which left a bit to be desired as usual at Kettlewell. Thanks are due to Russell Robinson, Harry Haigh, and Malcolm Koreman for helping with the running and thanks once again to Mr Close for the use of his land.



MSA and ARC club members are welcome to come along and join our events. Phone Mark on 07866 506521 / 01282 703718



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