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As I said at the beginning I’ve  received 2 or 3 letters concerning Catterick so I'll put them into print now as I think they sum up the whole feeling of the event nicely.


First one was from Mick Burdett who along with Dave Sagar did all the scrutineering at Catterick.


Nigel Rawlinson is not the only one who can lose wheels off caravans (for those of you who don't know, the club caravan refused to come to Catterick and signed its own death warrant by shedding a wheel while Nigel Rawlinson was bringing 2 ton of equipment, or thereabouts.


After checking approximately 2, 000 wheel nuts at Catterick I forgot the 8 most important wheel nuts at Gandale, the ones on my caravan!


So hey presto, between Ripon and Harrogate, wheel nuts disappear- and near side wheel leaves caravan. I'm not writing this to prove to the world what a B _____ idiot I am but to ask you- if you would print this in BB as a thank you to all the Pennine members who stopped and offered assistance, especially the lads from Clayton ( I think they said) who practically unloaded their Land Rover to find a magic toolbox containing wheel nuts, I couldn’t thank them enough at the time and all the others who stopped to give assistance, advice and general moral support. The age of chivalry is not dead at least not among Pennine members .

When did you last check your wheel nuts ?. Don't let it happen to you because I can assure you, driving one wheeled 14 foot caravans is pretty hairy.


Looking forward to Catterick 78 with  2 wheels on my wagon


Mick Burdett.


The next letter was in the same vein but somewhat longer  again though it does sum up all I've been saying about the 'Pennine' and it's members for quite a few years now.


Kamikaze Eighty (or how we managed to make it home)


Monday evening found me searching for a radiator for my 80" 2 1/4 Of course being like most Pennine members, (a bit thick) I never realised that 80's and 2 1/4's are a wee bit different radiator wise. So I chats up a near neighbour and he said I could borrow his as he was trailing his motor home. So forsaking tea I set to and stripped the duff rad out of my motor and waited for said neighbour to arrive back from start paddock Of course, you guessed', bottom hose connection was different on his, or mine, whatever, so frustration and panic setting in at the thoughts of spending the next 12 months camping at Gandale waiting for spare parts to arrive, I had an idea. If I could get 2 or 3 feet of rad hose to trail across the front axle then I'd be OK, so down to Control to see 'Jeep Willie' (Colloquial term applied to Pennine Comp Sec. BH) "Sorry" he tells me "Try our esteemed shop man Malcolm Foreman" so I did but no luck, h® could probably fit us up with an engine and half shafts for a lightweight but no rad hoses (Sorry'. not true) so despondent I wandered back to the tent for a coffee , but when I got back there was no tent and my Landy was hitched to the rear of a certain persons V-8 Lightweight "Ready for to carry me home" also the coffee had been packed up. Gasp Gasp.


6-45pm we were of ie. one V-8 Lightweight, 3 feet of nylon rope, one 80" 2-^ minus radiator, one 80" six pot, one 86" complete with trailer and (Dare I say it ?) one Ford 1600E ? Away down the camp site out on to the road, to the crossroads, Halt. We're lost already, so a bit of a confab and V-8 pilot says we will take the scenic route home via the moor tops to Kettlewell and so forth. So 'Orft we jolly well go' again. Ten, twenty, thirty, forty, fifty, half a mile later I thought Bloody Hell hope he slows down a bit 'cos the brakes aren’t over brilliant and my navigators throwing a giddy fit, "put your foot down into narrow road, "bend left then right Phew!


One mile on, lost again at cross road so all pile out for another confab with others in our convoy. (Report) V-8 OK 80" 2 1/4 Ok except driver (meaning me) getting rather nervous about that 3 foot bit of rope, 6 pot 80" just a bit sick. Someone had noticed the front wheels wobbling like mad we had a quick snuffy and Oh Dear', the wheels are at 45 degrees angle to the axle, on closer inspection horror of horrors one hole in sump caused by axle breather getting too close but driver says "never mind its still running innit” so off we go again. Down narrow winding lane, left, right, straight on, left again (I didn't know 80"s could travel so fast without falling over'.) crash on, out literally but sometimes very close to walls hedges etc.  A charging climb onto moor tops, still doing 40 to 50 up till almost at the top when V-8 starts coughing a bit so made it onto level and stopped for a look to see, we lifted the V-8 Bonnet and peered under, radiator header tank looked like a Good-Year airship all blown up and round so we concluded it must be warm. Course I'm not surprised the speed we went up them hills, anyway V-8 pilot decides to take a shower at this point, bangs on the radiator cap till a hot geyser erupts all over engine and assembled members of convoy while his better half is still sat in the cab enjoying the view when, 'Whoosh!, clouds of steam invade the cab and she thinks 'Blimey' must be, on fire, abandon Landy which she does in fine style throwing the best bit of camera on the road first, talk about laugh, we nearly wee'd ourselves.


Luckily we had some cans of water in case of such goings on so we fills up the V-8, but then thought "wheres the red cap?" and went in search of said cap until some bright spark says, "What’s this here then? " and holds up cap attached to the rad by a chain'. More wee laughter and away again across the moor at one hell of a lick until mercifully we get behind an old dear in a triumph 1500 out on a weekend jaunt so we slow down thank goodness as by now my eyes are out on stalks and my brain hurts with concentrating on that bit of rope, We plods on behind said old dear until Oh God, No he can't be but Yes he is ......... V-8 pilot pulls out and overtakes Triumph with me in hot pursuit, brown trousers and all, anyway we make it past and on we go like Bats out of Hell till we reached the far side of the moor. This is when I got a signal like a thumbs down from the V-8 pilot and thought "Wots he on about?” but I soon found out when we started to go down the hill, it set off at 1 in 6 then to 1 in 4 and then 1 in 3 and me with hardly any brakes left at all, and to cap it all half way down he pulls out to overtake another car, I thought This is it. Finished!, but luckily just then the road narrowed and I was saved from doing an Evel Knievel over the wall, so far so bad, smell of burning Ferodo weird things happening to the brake pedal and when eventually reached the bottom one bruised tow ball on the front of the 80".


We stopped at a beckhole to fill up with water again, had a boiled egg apiece and a wee and away again down to Kettlewell, over the hump back bridge, along main street past the garage over the big bridge at 55 and up around the the bend. Meanwhile on the car park at the side of the bridge Mr Plod was sitting in his mini van and on seeing us fly past did a good  mitation of Noddy on a roundabout but he never followed us, probably thought he had no chance, especially against an 80" which was trying to overtake a V-8 Lightweight. Anyway things got better nearer Skipton what  with wider roads and more traffic, it was getting dark so there was less chance of Mr Plod seeing the 3 foot of nylon between the front 2 motors .

Anyway that’s about it we all arrived home, deposited our trusty steeds and repaired to the local ale house where a disco was in fall swing in the park opposite but enough of that for now. Maybe we can do it all again next year.

Here's looking forward to it


Catterick 77 right on!

P. Feather


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