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0wing to a disagreement with a Pine tree, the Ribblehead weekend found me realigning various parts of my motor rather than taking part in the event. I do, however, have a report sent in by Heath Smith so those who entered need not worry, their efforts will not go unrecorded.

Ribblehead Rover Rampaqe

Sunday, the 15th of October, was a true Pennine Sunday - it was raining. However, undaunted by this inconvenience (which i'm sure other 30+ owners appreciate), I set off for Ribblehead and arrived in good time, which in itself is unusual. Even more unusual was no sign of Pennine activity up at the trials field.

Checking in Bottom Box, which was doing a splendid job blocking up one of the many holes in my deluxe cab (cheaper than Rover draught excluder) confined I had arrived on the right day so I decided to have a trog round and soon picked up the aroma of bacon and eggs which I trailed to the rear of the Station Inn where I found one or two familiar faces emerging from their caravans, mobile mansions etc.

Meanwhile, back at the trials field, one or two motors had started rolling up for a 10-30 ish, well perhaps 11-30 ish start.  However, despite the rain, which by now had reached monsoon proportions, a good entry soon turned up with people coming from as far away as Blackpool.

With scrutineering and signing on sorted out, the task of getting all the motors up to the start began.  I sometimes wonder if this isn't the most difficult and entertaining part of Ribblehead.  However, after much sliding and snatching, some semblance of order appeared at the top of the hill.   After a while everyone was under orders and off in a shower of peat bog and aluminium.

The object of the morning's event was to go out to various sections dotted around the moor and collect a raffle ticket to prove you've been.  l'm sure there are easier ways to collect 8 raffle tickets but they ain't half as such fun as it is with the Pennine.  In a short the moors were alive with Landies tearing around with great enthusiasm but it wasn't long before some of the less seasoned entrants discovered that the land at Ribblehead is not quite as firm as it looks and major recovery operations we’re soon underway. Getting through the sections is the least of your problems at Ribblehead.  It's getting to them.  By the teams I saw in action

 I think everyone enjoyed it apart from Messrs. Harrison, Beaumont and Heptonstall who spent most of the event trying to get Dave's motor going, in true Pennine spirit they persevered to the bitter end and managed to finish.  The winners of the morning’s team event was Melanie and David Simmonite with Dave Hoskins in a time of 20 mins and 150 points.  In second place, we’re Alan Panter, Dave and Raymond Sagar in 24 mins and 245 points, with third place going to Ted Hartley, Ian Bartram and Steve Holdsworth in 39 mins and 263 points.

Lunch was then taken with people trying to find somewhere warm, dry and mud free to eat. For quite a few of us the car of the Station Inn fulfilled these conditions admirably.

In the afternoon, the champion cross country driver event got underway.  In this event it's every man for himself over the same course although during my travels I saw quite a few invisible tow ropes being used.  John Lister won the event in the amazing time of 10:51.  Alan Panter came second with 13:13 and Ted Hartley third with 14:11.

I personally think that, despite one or two gripes about the cost of the land, and the distance to travel which various people expressed at the event and at the AGM, the event is well worthwhile and we will all be back next year.  Anyway, it's all over for this year and it only remains for me to thank the organisers and marshalls for putting up with the atrocious weather and taking the whole thing possible.

                                                                      Heath Smith.


Ribblehead MK2

I an, myself, Dave and Phil set off round bout half eight on that fateful moggy morn (Shades of Shakespeare!!) with ian’s motor on a trailer being pulled by Dave's, Phil and I brung up da rear.  We arrived in good time without a hitch ('PHEW').  You're right, it was too good to be true, a little tickle with lan's carbs saw him off to scrutineering.

Mine, however, began to falter and then totally expirad.  'Shucks', says I. 'It's your twin overhead revolving foxspatts!' shouts Dave.  Needless to say itwasn't.  It was me coil lead.  Through scrutineering,.  couldn't get the wheel nuts off, front steering arm found to be contemplating parting company.  Panic stations, arms, legs, socket spanners and a string of expletives cascade from under the front wing.  Yes, the dynamic quartet reign supreme.  Away we go up to that, I say that hill to the start.

Our partner (the illustrious Big Ted) passing many a reliable comment as to the reliability of our motors.   Without further ado, we're at the start.  Big Ted, little me, and SUPER Ian. In that order.

'Stick close to my tail!! shouts Big Ted. 'GO! shouts someone else:-

 'VrrrrrroooooOOOM' exit Big Ted in a flurry of flying mud and spinninm wheels.

Shove off, thinks I, and does me best to emulate the action (failing miserably). Although brown strips down the side of my landie, bear witness to the nudging aside of two motors.

Teds sat at the first section yawning and twiddling his thumbs.  'Follow me’ (That's Ted) Section after section without a hitch. (UNTIL) Ian gives a fair impression of a steam traction engine, and expires.  Without further ado, up comes his bonnet, 'Whooooosh' his radiator cap launches itself into orbit.  'Heavens to Murgatroid, that's OT!' cries  Ian.  A little H20 soon cooled that off and away we went to see Ted leaping up and down on top of his landie muttering something about :-

'Last sections over there somewhere:' or summat (I thought he'd flipped his lid). We finished the last section at reduced speed as Teds motor suffered from fuel starvation of pump failure, or something.  We eventually ambled over the line to take third place, mainly thanks to our Guardian Angel Ted,

The competition award I can't really comment on. 'Course, I ended up with mud tickling my axle stops (Mmmm Nice!) searching for an elusive eighth section.

Alas, the end hath come.  We tootled home, cold and damp, with a warn glow inside (No not pride, Alcohol).  'Hi Huckleberry Hound, this is Winnie the Pooh!'

I shouts to Ian as I see the Sagar brothers snuggle in behind.  'It looks like we got us a convoy'.  At least part of the way, that is.

That's all except to say that Ian sends his love, and that we're looking forward to the next Pennine Meeting. To which Ian says he hopes you'll bring his trophy from Menston.  The insatiable pot hunter that he is!

                                                              Steve Houldsworth.


Burnley Team Trial

The annual event at Bob Seed's Farm at Burnley started on the Saturday with eager (pressganged and blackmailed) volunteers helping to erect both bonfire and trial. By sheer luck, it was the bonfire that was lit and not the trees.

In far better weather than last year's, pies, peas and beer were swilled down with, 74 pies being sold at the rate of every 3.6513 seconds showed how popular they were and the main reason Bob lets us use the land for the money made at weighing in empty beer cans showed how the beer went as well!

Oh yes, there was a bonfire and fireworks and things like that, but that's all kids stuff, not the reason why a Pennine 'person' (the wife insisted) would go.

The trial on Sunday was an eibarrassnent with a Puke and Dukeries team coming first.  The trials section was laid out with sticks being called trees.

 I'm sure they came from Entwood, the way they moved in front of a motor was surprising (Read yer 'Lord of the Rings' by Tolkein).  The ground was surprisingly dry, however, with a fair amount of traction available in the trees.

 There were seven trials sections, all laid out round a standard(!) 2A,  these being the first part of three elements.  The other two were recovery sections, and what sections they were!  The first, or second depending which group you were put in, was a mud splash with a clay bank to follow.  The water was about bollard height, or similar on a normally built male with a vertical clay bank about two foot high at the far end.  The fun in this section was to watch a special get to the  water, sliding round the grass then entering with a slurp, then to watch the mud laden tidal wave rising over the bonnet and then listen to it coughing slowly to a water sodden halt half way up the far bank.  Oh the folly of not fittinq a water proofing kit, come back diesel, all is forgiven!

The 3rd element, the other team recovery section was nought but a steep hill,  clay covered with the odd bit of loose rock and tree root to hang onto.  About 30 feet long and what looked like 30 feet high.  The odd motors reached the top of the hill with the odder motors going over and the less odder ones sliding down.  There was one which successfully imitated a Beechcroft Bonanza doing a barrel roll hut ended up looking like Concorde with a very droop snout and an excessive amount of black smoke pouring out of the back end.  It does make you wonner why the RAC like battery cut off switches though.  However, after a slight application of the 'ammer, it moved in a cloud of its own steam to give the spectators the best Ooohs and Aahs of the day.

The prizes given could only be described as fantastic for this size of event. They are surely the best given by Pennine in the whole history of the club and Brain, oops Brian, Hartley said ' It's alright, Melanie, I'll pay the extra cost.' - All 'in’ comments if you attended.

      Thanks are due to all who made the weekend the success, it obviously was and the best comment I heard was from a little lad dressed in a Brownie uniform who asked me (after I stopped some 1 1/2 miles from the farm to see why my Landie slid backwards and forwards on the trailer) 'wer yer playin wi then Land Rovers this afternoon urap Sob Seeds?" "Yes" I replied, *0h shit! ave mist it then, I wanned ter watch coz thi kep ittin trees'.

                                                                            Dicky Day.


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