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The lads have been out again! Pennine Power, scourge of the off

road world, have been out plugging the mud and flying the flag all over

the place.


Knowsley Safari park was the venue for the Lanes and Cheshire's

answer to Windy Hill-and 2 teams appeared from Pennine, Carl Amos,

Ted Hartley and Paul Dewhirst did, I believe, get a pot while Mick Moore,

Steve Houldsworth and lan Bartram managed to break down at every

section, which is consistent if nothing else!


All Wheel Drive Clubs 24 mile Comp Safari at Luton attracted 4

Pennine entries, John Wright, Jonathan Oldfield, Graham Cockell and my-

self on what must have been one of the slimiest, muddiest do's ever, only

one finisher and one pot came Pennine's way (in fact the pot still hasn't



The Elcar Rally saw the North Yorkshire forests resounding to the

throb of Rover V8's as ^Raymond Sagar, John Lister, David Harrison and

Phillip Beever put in the sort of times that made many of the Escorts

blush, surrounded by so much destruction of machinery as I've never

seen before, luckily as the only standard entered I didn't need to join

the fray. Phillip Beever (who admits to being a Yorkshire member!)

finally won the day by a hair's breadth, and had the pleasure of towing

me back to the finish control. (BH being towed by a V8, oh the shame

of it all!)


Staffs and Shrops. Easter event at Stanton was well attended by all

sections of the Pennine and they were well rewarded for the effort. It

was a really good event on a nice stretch of land and the weather was

the best for months, what more could we want?

lan Bartram and Steve Houldsworth got second in one of the gun-

giest Team Recoveries ever seen, while Mick Henney and Richard Brad-

shaw were consistent (consistently stuck!)


The trial was really long, two of the sections had petrol stops? with

unmarked mine shafts for those who missed the sticks, but I for one en-

Joyed the sections, very eeenteresting!! Again we collected a couple of

lumps of silverware (poor reporting this, I've lost my results list), but of

course it was left to the Comp Safari on the Monday for Pennine to show

its true colours with John Lister giving a display of cross country racing

that was sheer poetry to see, not that Dave Hoskins, his navigator, saw

much with his eyes closed! Steve Houldsworth ventilated his engine when

a valve got intimate with a piston and the last I saw of Team Tommy

was lan Bartram heading for Burnley, with Steve a uniform 12 feet be-

hind. John got a well deserved first, while the rest of us had to be con-

tent with seconds and thirds and Ted Hartley had to be content with

curing a persistent misfire. A damn good event with the usual enthusias-

tic showing from Pennine, thanks are due I think to the P&D organisers.

(David Green alias Tarmac appeared in a matt black left hand drive Opel

and left in a matt green crash helmet, he's funny that way!)


Also out on the EIcar were the Recovery/Rescue team of Graham

Lord, Jonathan Old-field, Michael Chaloner and Brian watchamacallit, who

did sterling work and brought high praise for the Pennine from the David

Brown Motor Sports Club. Graham Lord in particular got the gory end

of the job, when a nasty crash ended up with the driver and navigator

having to be cut out of the car and taken to hospital, many more stages

were cleared of written off cars by the faithful Pennine Pull and Snatch

recovery technique.


Well that's what those I know about have been up to recently, if

you know of any more escapades the lads might have been up to let me

know, it's highly unlikely they'll get arrested! Send all material etc. to

Brian Hartley




Dicky Day was commissioned to put words

together for this event as a neutral spectator (or so I thought!)

I was bribed with the promise of fame and fortune (or in other words

I might Just get a pint out of Hartley) if I put my pen to paper yet again

and rit wurds'de like ov witch yuv never red afoar about Sunny Vale Comp

Safari '79. Having been so easily bribed, I find that one of the things that

I hate about BB is the way that I've read about half of it before it comes

through the door. I think there's only Brian and myself can afford Biro

ink. There are other odd club members (who isn't an odd club member,

by definition we all are!) who will, once or twice a year, supply some real

good stuff. Why put up with my drivel, write some yourself. The club now

has over 350 members and is the best in the whole of England and, for a

Land Rover club, that means the best in the world; you've never thought

of that have you, you are a member of the best Land Rover club in the

world. However, how many of you have made their contribution to BB?

Less than one half of one per cent I'll bet. For a lot of non-competitive

members this mag is the thing, which, once a month (sic) makes them

realise they are alive, husband and wife fight over it, dogs have had to be

muzzled because they've eaten it? What is it? Why BB ..... Brian's



Now you've read that, which I don't suppose will alter your apathy

one little bit, the Sunny Vale report. Mick Burdett, the faithful Pennine

Scrutineer, rolled up, early as usual and competitors slowly arrived. Kick

off time was a theoretical 10-30am, but with the last competitor arriving

at 11.20 something had to give somewhere. I'd better explain just what

Sunny Vale is to begin with, a stock car track just over V2 mile in length

and kidney shaped. The surface is a dirt/tarmac/concrete mixture and the

races are run as a catch as catch can type with 2 motors starting either

side of the track, chasing each other for about 9 laps and first to cross

their own start line for the 9th time is the winner. 19 motors entered,

including some from the Deak and Pukeries club.


Now you know what it's all about onto the fray. Out of the 19

motors entered there were 11 standards, including Cliff Robert's peren-

nial diesel. The other 8 specials were mainly powered by Rover V8's

(especially Dave Harrison's Range Rover), other engines were the Rover 2,000 TC of Dave Simmonite and Brian (what's a starter motor) Dibbs 3 litre Ford V6.


Standards rule, so they went first with Brian Hartley putting up

fastest time for most of the morning. The weather was against Cliff Roberts

this year, the track was dry! On previous years Cliff has been able to put

his foot on the floor and leave it there for 9 laps, while his opponents

have had to adjust the petrol pedal, causing a few gyrations on corners,

but this year it was dust creating problems and there were only two or

three spin outs, the first provided by George Carruthers, who started to

short cut the top bend. All in all it was a fairly tame meeting for spills

and damage (there are a few who will disagree with that though). The

worst tumble was taken by the double entered Jake Wright motor, driven

by John Wright, which had the offside bodywork smoothed down by pot

holed concrete, when what seemed like an over correction after tapping

the inside bank, caused the nearside wheels to lift to such an extent,

that they were vertically above the offside ones!


In the Standards final there was the thrilling spectacle (his words,

NOT mine ! BH) between Brian Hartley in his 2% 2A and Jonathan Old-

field in his 2% Lightweight, which provided a neck and neck race, in which

the lead changed on every circuit. Jonathan got it in the end by about

4 inches, which after a 4 mile competitive race shows the standard that

was attained. It could have something to do with the way they helped

build each others engines, they used the same batch of frogs to lap up

and down on the pistons.


The Specials started to run after this, but dinner intervened and pints

started to flow. As usual at Sunny Va[e the climb up the steps to the

Boozer was well rewarded by the social side and for some people this

seemed to be the only reason for going (myself included, so if you think

the reports bad so far just read on !) Someone driving a special won and

the rest lost! The things I can recall are Dave Simmonite with his Rover

2,000 TC Jaws 3 machine, providing the crowds with the amusing spec-

tacle of a fully floating wing and bonnet assembly rising and falling over

the engine compartment gnashing its teeth, so was David until eventually

it did the imitation of the Playtex living bra, lifting and separating.

Dave Harrison in the RR showed how coil springs work, leaving the

wheels on the tarmac and letting the body roll at an incredible angle,

there was only once when he started the stunt driving and went a credit-

able distance on 2 wheels and a prayer. Dave Rae's Lightweight, a 3 litre

automatic, went quite well with the auto box not giving the advantage I

thought it would, especially going into corners where the braking effect

of a manual box gave the upper hand. In the 4 car run off a fine sight

was provided when Jonathan Oldfield was overtaken by John Lister in

his 3% litre Lightweight and their wheels touched. They provided a really

graceful twirl which even Starsky and Hutch couldn't beat, sliding round

side by side, absolutely parallel, until they came to rest, then crunch,

Jonathan's motor was rammed by John as he reversed round to rejoin

the fray. One of the more accidental bumps of the day.


After this came the Donkey Derby, run in 2 heats and a finaland,

what an entry, final proof that the Pennine is Looney. God only knows

who won, you couldn't see the motors for dust, but Alan and Anise Seed

the stalwart marshalls/starters/lap countersect got them sorted out and

victors were proclaimed, so Sunny Vale was over for another year.


Dicky Day


MSA and ARC club members are welcome to come along and join our events. Phone Mark on 07866 506521 / 01282 703718



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