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What a great do. Perfect weather, perfect sections, perfect trial. The sun was hidden by cloud a lot of the time that's true, but it was still there trying to get out. I can't blame Melanie Simmonite and Jonathan Oldfield, your committee members and do organisers for that, in fact there was nothing there to blame them for, except a reight good do.

The trial was programmed to start at 10-30am, but with about 45 entries,

(actually it was 60 BH) 80% of whom arrived in the last 20 minutes, the

start was a little late, however the queue eventually disappeared and after

everyone paid their RAC fees (entry fee really, but the RAC take most of it)

the trial started. The sections were great and set out perfectly for the day.

When I tell you the winner got clears on all ten sections and the loser about

84 it should tell you what it was like. The 10 sections were scattered fairly

evenly around the field and included hills of every angle in every direction,

they were far enough apart for no queues to form anywhere.

If you went you may have noticed one chap going round minus bumper

and towing points. He was a chap new to trials and hadn't read his bumf you get when you join so, if you want to compete, this chap wasn't allowed to, read the regs, find out what you need, and you're there. Mind you, it's not only novices who step outside the approved vehicle regs, some very long standing members seem to believe they can modify their motors without reference to the regs.

After the trial came the break for dinner, which lasted until the start of.

the safari at 2-30pm. After another dose of scrutineering the fray began. The course was about a mile and a bit long and for the preliminary rounds you did this twice, with the do being run as a knockout. A great Comp Safari from the spectators point of view, 3 motors colliding with dry stone walls and another 3 rolling over, not to mention Nick Sample trying to get a free ride in the back of a Landy by putting the front of his into it.

The walls started to crumble when Alan Panter's fire engine left the

track on a left hand bend. Nick Sample tried it as well about half an hour

later and Dave Simmonite had a go at the far end of the track when his re-

lay arm broke, making him take an unwanted tour off the track. Two thirds

of the rollover fun was provided by the Rochdale Mafiosi, as Derek Pilling

and Derek Jefferson tested their full roll cages. The last was provided by

Graham Cockell, who in most spectacular style rolled over at the end of a

flatfish straight, dropped a few feet too far to his left and rolled over and

then back on to his feet. The motor caught fire for a couple of seconds, then died in fright as fire extinguishers were produced. No one was hurt in any ofthese escapades and walls were repaired as good as new.

A thoroughly good day was had by all and the handful left at the prize

giving showed their thanks to the winners and provider of good land, Brian


Dicky Day


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