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What a night! After the rave reviews given to last year's Hollingworth

film night I reckoned it couldn't be bettered, but I was wrong. In all fair-

ness it must be said that Harrogate did have the advantage of Champion

Spark Plugs who supplied the films and equipment, 16 mm colour films

complete with sound track no less! Dick Schaffer and his Harrogate crew

can feel proud of the success of the night, people were laughing so much

they couldn't drink! Conspicuously parked Land Rovers with signs led you

easily to the Harrogate Rugby Club where the films were to be shown, un-

fortunately due to an error in the events calendar the wrong date was

printed. I can only hope that you all took note of BB which gave the right

date for once. Being an American company the films were of course about

American motor sport, and boy when they do something they do it in

style! There were spectacular midget racing cars, the spectacular stunt driver who did a complete barrel roll in mid air, landed safely and then lost control and hit the banking .... very embarrassing! Hordes of four wheel drivers blasting round a mud filled course in a variety of motors too way out to be real, 3 wheeled dune bikes falling over with gay abandon, motor bike scramb- lers taking headlong dives into rivers, the figure of eight destruction derby tractors with 2, 3 and 4 V8 engines mounted in parallel, in line in any damn way as long as they went and of course the ultimate guy with the jet turbine helicopter engine in his tractor!

And what about the Drag Racers, from imitation tanks to the real

fueller going from Oto 100 in less time than it took you to read this sentence or the guy on his rocket propelled go kart, they just lit the fuse and BANG he disappeared like the proverbial bullet with his bum not V/i inches off the floor

If that doesn't impress you,what about the chap who gets off his motorbike

at 90 plus to slide down the track on a pair of steel skates! Just to keep thing different there was snowmobile racing and when that palls they hack a hole in the ice a few hundred yards long and see who can go fast enough to get a snowmobile across the gap BEFORE it sinks, and to increase the spectator appeal they then do it with passengers! I can only conclude that the American equivalent of the RAC has a slightly more lenient attitude towards motor sport! Nothing I can write can do justice to the films which had everyone in the room in stitches virtually all the time at the various antics of the drivers, I wonder just how others do see us?? (do you realise there is a 20 minute film of Catterick 78 doing the rounds in Australia at the moment??)

Champion and their representatives who showed the film are to be con-

gratulated, not only on the quality of the film but also for the soft sell rather

than the shove it down your throat approach. A short technical talk on plug;

and associated points was given between the two films and I saw plenty of

people taking notice when it showed the graph showing the over advance

power curve, I wonder how many engines are now running at 6 degrees


There were many interesting tit bits. Did you know for instance that

Champion supply spark plugs for Concorde?? Neither did I but next time I'm on it I shall be listening for a misfire! To round off the evening there was pie and peas all round as well as a bar to prop, what more could anyone want??

Before I leave matters American I would like to say that I for one shall

be sorry to see Dick Schaffer return to America in July. He's perfect Pennine material and what's more he writes things for BB, so I'd like to wish him and his family all the best on their return to the States and I hope BB will follow him there, I happen to know that he's taking a Landy back with him, so we must have had some effect on him!

A good night, well attended and organised, there's more where they came

from lined up for next Winter, so don't miss out this time!

And now it's time for yet another invitation for the exhibitionists among

you. Shipley and District Motor Club are organising a display of motor vehicles under the title 'Wheels 80' and this will be held on Bank Holiday Monday May 26th 1980 at Victoria Park, Keighley.

It is their intention to have on display Racing, Rally, Sports, Vintage,

Veteran, Custom, Stock and Drag Racing Cars, Bikes, Trade Stands, Model Car Racing and many other attractions one of which they would like to be a Competition prepared Land or Range Rover. If anyone is interested in displaying their vehicle at this event (remembering of course that it does clash with the National) would they please contact their Secretary, Mr K. Jump, at 19 Unity Street North, Bingley, Tel. 7522. He would also require all the facts and figures you can muster so that they can be printed in the official Programme of the event.

I hope someone who isn't going to the National will be able to oblige

and provide a bit of Beefcake amongst all the puff truck machinery. If you

go along, whether to watch or enter your vehicle, let me know about it please, a few lines would be appreciated.

It must be sell up time, I've never known such large gear change sections,

either that or the mortgage repayments are in arrears! From now on trade

people who are also Pennine members will be able to advertise in the Gear

Change section for a nominal fee of £5 per issue as long as the ad is kept to a reasonable size of course. Ordinary ads will continue to be free, gratis and for nothing.





At last! The first holiday of the year and the first chance to see how

the other half are living these days. There's nothing like the first breath of

Spring to put a sparkle' in your eye and a bounce in your step, bringing as

it does the flowers, the buds, the lambs, the low cut blouses and the bra-

less women, 'Oh to be in Audley, now that Spring is here!'

Up to a few days before the monsoons had been in danger of washing

the event out, but Tuesday saw the weather change and everything was OK from then on. Audley was the first round of the first ever Drivers' Cham-

pionship, but as always 90% of the Land Rover club members only emerged

from their Winter hibernation about four days before the event, so as usual

it was a last minute 'panic' affair (nearly all the Pennine contingent fell in-

to that category, surprise, surprise!)

The Championship has attracted 72 entries in the Trial and 45 in the

Comp Safari, by far and away the greatest majority being in the Standard

Class, is this the shape of things to come I ask myself?

Two and a half months of Land-Rover fettling had left me a humanoid

jelly, so problems at Easter were the last thing I needed. The trip was easy,

even Pennine members didn't get lost! Down the M6 for an hour, turn left

and half a mile later you followed the signs and fell into the caravan field!

A nice, relaxing day on Saturday watching the rest of the Pennine con-

tingent arrive and the last of the bridges (Bridges?) being erected in the

trials area which, being low lying, had its fair share of the boggy stuff! Lots

of new tackle in the Pennine, lots of old motors with new paint jobs, new

caravans and flash motor homes, some things never change though, Houldsworth/Bartram see to that!

The Rover Publicity caravan was doing a roaring trade selling silly hats,

and giving away badges and that was only to the adults, the kids were all

buying sweat shirts and pens.

As always at these events Pennine presence was obvious, from the

F88 cattle wagon cum Landie transporter behind the barn, to the make-

shift polythene tent by the duck pond, Pennine were on their hols!

Saturday night there was a Barn Dance, in a real barn too, with sheep

outnumbering humans 2-1, and the gentle aroma of Eau-de droppings waft-

ing around your nostrils. Tragedy struck when the beer ran out, but a hasti-

ly despatched farmer soon returned with another 40 gallons of reinforce-

ments to keep the crowds from rioting. Later that night the duck pond was

the scene of a cross Channel swimming session as two amphibious types

attempted to swim with 2 feet of mud clinging to their legs, it was only

10 feet across mind you. And so to Sunday and the Trial. A long valley

with a small beck in the bottom provided a perfect sun-trap and quiet area

for the event and the 10 section Trial offered a variety of ground, from the

bottomless bog variety to sandy hillsides, a novel feature of S & S trials be-

ing the use of start gates before the actual section markers.

John Lister was the first casualty of the day when he flipped his Ligh1

weight on a steep section, sustaining very slight injury to self and slightly

more to motor. It kept the St. John's Ambulance happy though, sticking

bits of plaster on John's noggin. One other chap had the misfortune to

have Ted Hartley do a V8 recovery on him, his Landie leapt from its stuck

position and ended up inverted in the stream in 8" of water ..........

and somebody shouted 'DUCK'.

Other than that and Paul Dewhirst trying to go for a World record roll

by balancing sideways at the top of a very large hill things were pretty

smooth, but Pennine weren't doing too well, especially as they had one of

the largest groups there. However, all this activity brought Sunday night an

opening time, it had been a hot, dusty day and the pace was telling.

Sunday was the Comp Safari, and as I'd inadvertently mislaid a couple

of gears during the trial I decided to give it a miss and get out the old

Kodak complete with black and white film (who knows, I might even win

the P.o.Y. award!!) and do a spot of candid camera work.

The course was about 1/2 miles and it was gungy, 50 mph to 5 mph

in 2 secs isn't bad retardation by anyone's standards. At last Pennine were

into top gear, Ted Hartley, Dave Simmonite and John Lister all battling it

out in the V8 class, with Paul Dewhirst and Mick Moore sorting the 2 1/4s

between them after Carl Amos had an early retirement due to being inver-

ted early in the day. At least the boggy ground meant that he had a soft


Dave Simmonite was going very well and he and John were neck and

neck, John's run of bad luck continued when he shed his front prop shaft

half way round the last run. The Barmy Army were out on both events an

as usual the vehicle had a hard time as double entries and re-runs began to add up to make the spectators think that there were at least 6 Army

Series ll's entered! I think that it's one of the few Comp Safaris I've ever

seen where the competitors had to traverse two bridges.


MSA and ARC club members are welcome to come along and join our events. Phone Mark on 07866 506521 / 01282 703718



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