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WINDY HILL COMP SAFARI (or was it a Point to Point??)

 Never be a committee member unless you have nerves of steel, a back
as broad as the Ml and an inbuilt sense of humour (I think I'll ask Gareth
to do a cartoon stereotype of my ideal committee member!) The compli-
cations surrounding this event are far too extreme for me to go into here,
but there was one period before the event when a Safari had been put in
BB, the course setters were running a Point to Point and I'd got trophies

for nothing: we were, however, in luck as the sun shone all day and that
made everything right on the night! In true Pennine style an equable com-
promise was reached and the competitors had the best of both worlds with
a brand fire new Comp Safari and a Point to Point . . .either or both! Now
what could have been fairer than that?? I have in the past advised people
to take everything from thermal underwear to antifreeze soaked hankies to
Windy Hill, but never have I had to advise sunglasses, what a day!

The heat haze shimmered over the M62 like an Arabian mirage and
there was actually dust to be seen flying about! Many regulars stayed away,
no doubt due to the proximity of the National, but those who entered the
Comp Safari, all 16, had a damn good run for their money, more than a
few (5 to be precise) had a good roll in the heather too! Pete Baldwin
continued to try and beat Colin Birchall's rollover record resulting in retire-
ment, Brian Goodall also had a whoopsy and retired. Colin Birchall settled
for a more mundane ruined tyre as reason for his premature finish while
Dave Rae had both engine and transmission problems in his Rangey after
setting FTD and doing 2 fast runs. Hard luck prize of the event had to go
to Dave Marsden who, on his first ever event, did only 150 yards before
doing a spectacular kangaroo leap through a wall to end up inverted in the
next field. Keith Schofield was the only other special besides Dave Rae's
Range Rover to enter and he has obviously got to grips with the new engine
as he was fair flying, his approximate overall speed through the event being
in the order of 25 mph which is easily put in perspective if you'd seen the
courses . . . and he kept it upright. The 2 standard classes both had 7 entries

apiece (obviously more reliable motors than the specials dig,dig), Rob
Teague cruised to an easy win in the 1% class, taking it easy after his near
roll into the Elsan pit at the CROC Easter event, while Philip Bailey and -
Heath Smith slugged it out for first place in Class 1.

The afternoon's Point to Point could not have been more different
from the 'normal' Windy Hill event, all sections passable with ease, thicker
crusts on bogs and the sun still beating down on the people below. Gareth
Almond and Pete Baldwin (returned from morning's early retirement) were
going round like it was a bus service and Gareth's grin was so wide it almost
swallowed his ears, however there were those amongst the peat paddlers who
still can't tell a peat bog from butter, and needless to say they provided the
spectators (who were numbered in their hundreds) with the gooning about
they'd come to watch. I'm convinced they actually like being up to their
fetlocks in goo!

Heath Smith, a man who is going to go far in Pennine's literary world
I'm sure, has penned his report of the event, which will obviously be biased
as he won a Dot. so I'll hand over to him


Windy Hill Point to Point and Safari.

Those of you who woke up on May 9th like me, and found yourself
asking the question 'To Windy Hill or not to Windy Hill three weeks before
the National?' I'd more or less decided that as I'd taken the trouble to get
the day off work I would go and do my bit for club and country and go
and marshal until my pet navigator arrived and persuaded me that we
should go in my motor and whilst I wasn't awake smuggled my Trakgrips
etc. into the back of it.

We then shot off to Windy Hill at breakneck speed (round about
50 mph in my 80"). We got down into the field and found Dicky Day
rushing about scrutineering and trying to take a democratic consensus of
opinion as to whether to run a Point to Point or a Comp Safari. It would
appear that he got as much sense out of everybody else as he did out of
me. It was decided to run both, the Safari being run first.

In no time at all the B.H. Mickey Mouse Chronograph Team and
helpers were in position and motors were launching of the top of the hill
into the unknown. To everybody's surprise approximately 1/2 miles of
course had been laid out round Windy Hill which did not include one single
bog. Dave Rae was first off the line and was soon setting the standard. Try-
ing to catch up with him was an unfortunate blue Series 1 which looked as
though it was on its first outing, tried a bit too hard and lost control,
demolished ten feet of wall and finished up on its roof for an encore. Things
were running very well and the dust was flying. A rare phenomenon is dust
at Windy Hill! The last time I can remember dust at Windy Hill I wouldn't
enter as every panel on my motor was straight and shiny. If you look at it
now it gives you some idea of how long ago that was!

As previously mentioned Dave Rae was setting the standard for the day
being hard pressed by Keith Schofield in his new V8 Lightweight, in the
2V4 Class Pete Baldwin and his chums were fighting both verbally and on
the track for 1st place. Meanwhile Dave Chiddy was trying hard to beat him-
self in the Diesel Class and to complete the distance without damage to his
new paint job. For those of you who don't know his motor by sound or
smell or looks, it smells like a diesel and now looks like a cross between a
'Unipart' box and a fire engine! In the 2 litre Class the competition was
between Scott Bramhall, Philip Bailey and myself. In the end it was all on
the last run to decide and in the end Scott Bramhall, who looked set to win,
had a puncture which cost him a lot of time and pushed him into third
place whilst I had to settle for second as Philip Bailey got the better of me
by 4 seconds. In the end the Safari proved to be a very enjoyable event
both from a driver and spectator point of view. So those of you who were
like me, apprehensive, and stopped in bed having nightmares about sub-zero
days at Windy Hill and imagining that despite a month without rain Windy
Hill would still be a foggv pre-historic swamp for which we all know it and

hate it. Hard luck you missed a bloody good do and that was only the first

After lunch about 8 teams of intrepid bog trotters lined up for the
Point to Point. We were assured that there were 15 sections out there, all
of which were easily accessable, and with skillful driving no recovery should
be necessary. This surprisingly was true, but of course there were some
people who couldn't resist finding the nearest bog and burying themselves
in it. For myself the afternoon got off to a flying start when ace navigator
pointed out to me on the start line that we had a flat tyre. By the time we
had changed it everybody had disappeared. When we reached the first
section we were told that Gareth Almond and Pete Baldwin had nearly done
one lap of sections - I wasn't convinced until I found out that it was true.
Whilst everyone was frantically thrashing around trying to catch up with
them I think they were hiding in the farmhouse forging signatures on their
card. When everyone made it back to the top of the hill the results after a
good afternoon's boggling were:-

1st Team    Gareth Almond/Pete Baldwin   50 pts visited
2nd Team    Derek Jefferson/Bill Leacock   41 pts visited
3rd Team    Heath Smith/Dave Chiddy      36 pts visited

(Dicky Day's on board computer reasoned that Gareth and Pete visited
a section every 1 min 11.14 sees so I agree with Heath . . . they forged the
signatures! BH)             .

Thanks to the land owner and everyone who helped to run the event
for a superb day's sport and I can only hope the next Windy Hill event is
as good!

Heath Smith


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