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An hour's drive into the Dales brought us to the trials field just after
kick-off. Plenty of motors in the car park but triallers were a bit thin on the
ground. Of the 23 entries, quite a few were new faces, always good to see.

There were six sections to attempt before dinner and the first two 1 saw
were a bit tight, but could be driven with a bit of thought and a decent set
of tyres. On the first, a gentle uphill slope led to a real axle-twister that
caught two while 1 watched, with the rest of the section round a hill and the
driver trying to keep off the passenger's knee, though some weren't trying
too hard!

On the next, the all lady team mashalling another tightish section, ending
in a sharp left hander through a bumper-bending bombhole. Not many of
them got through unscathed. Further along the quarry area, on the loose,
stony ground, the sections were plenty of big boulders and cunningly placed
sticks and if you didn't walk the course, you could easily end up doing part
of the next section as well.

With a relatively small entry and just 6 sections to do, pub and butty
time was early. Near the gate the club shop did a steady trade, laid out like
a market stall, while the rest of us took advantage of the sun.

By the way, whose was the pet duck?

At 2 o'clock and with five new sections to go at and one reversed, the
triallers drove their way to what, for some, was a cricket score (Eh, Ed?).

The afternoon's sections, although wider, still presented a few problems
and questions were asked as to whether Neil had set out with a hinged motor
in some places. Though with scores ranging from 4 to 88, the course can't
have been all that bad.

Prize giving was well attended, always nice to get a bit of applause for
winning a pot, especially if it's your first.

Thanks go to Russell Robinson, Chairman Neil and their helpers for
putting the do on. To all the Marshals who did their bit for the club and to
the triallers who came and made everything worthwhile, and last but not least,
thanks for the weather.

Jim Burgess



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