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Organised by Keith Schofield, Ted Hartley and Carl Amos, this team
event for the Derek Montford Trophy consisted of teams of three competing
in a trial, point to point relay and comp. safari.

The trial consisting of six sections took place along a grassy and rocky
bank, the pegs were reasonably wide and there was plenty of mud.

The point to point had six well spaced points to be wisted by each
member of the team in relay. Only one team, Team Slinger from Garstang
area had traction difficulties and required recovery. It was during the point
to point that I was disappointed to see so much apparently deliberate
ramming taking place (see separate correspondence).

The speed do took the form of knock out competitions (no connection
with my earlier remarks), two competitors being started simultaneously, the
first back going into the next round.                                    

I was surprised at the large number of spectators who seemed to enjoy
the event.


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