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Hameldon Hill Site Details                                                    

Nicknamed: "The Somme" as the slightest bit of rain turns it into a mud-bound hellhole that few emerge from intact!

Description of Site:  Track and field site, predictably on top of a hill (so bring your woolly hat unless it's the height of summer!)

Grid Ref:   SD 810 287

Lat / Long:  53' 45.12 N  2' 16.52 W

Nearest Postcode For Satnav:     BB11 5PF (Site hasn't got it's own postcode. This is for Clowbridge generally, down on the main Manchester Road, and is only to get you really close.





From M62

Follow M62 to Junction 18

Change onto M66 Northbound and follow it right to the end where it becomes A56.

Further down A56 Change onto A682 (Burnley Road)

Follow North through Dunnockshaw

When you get to Clowbridge, after you pass the Beijing Chinese Resturant on your left, you will see a reservoir on your right hand side. Stop listening to your satnav and start looking for a PLRC sign pointing at a turning off the road on the left, onto a road between two houses, (If you've not been before, be careful as there's more than one and, if you find yourself driving past the end of reservoir and out of Clowbridge, you've gone too far).

Follow it up the hill to the top and you're there!. Be warned!, It's REALLY steep!. You'll pass mountain goat's trying to get their breath back on the way up!

Oh!, and watch out for the flippin' speed cameras!

MSA and ARC club members are welcome to come along and join our events. Phone Mark on 07866 506521 / 01282 703718



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