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Robin Hood's Bay Site Details                                                  

Nicknamed: "The Health Spa" 'cos the bloody showers are always freezing cold!

Description of Site:  Actual Off Road Centre. For full info got to

Grid Ref:   NZ 953 062

Lat / Long:  54' 26.31 N  0' 31.47 W

Nearest Postcode For Satnav:   YO22 4PJ




Directions:    (2 Options)


Option 1. Most Direct (BUT will be very busy and bunged up with caravans and bucket and spade merchants if you go this way on a bank holiday and you might spend hours in queues if you time it wrong)

Travel down M62 to Junction 29

Change onto M1 Northbound

Continue north until Junction 45 and change onto A64 Eastbound

Just follow this road right to the coast. (No stopping at York for sightseeing. You can give Flamingoland a miss as well 'cos our rides are better!)

When you get to Scarborough (before you reach the front!), turn left onto A171 Scalby Road towards Robin Hoods Bay. This will become Miln Lane, High Street and Holm Hill as you travel along (past Fylingdales on left).

When you reach Low Hawkser, take the hairpin right onto B1447 (Raw Pasture Bank)

Watch on left and turn into High Lane. Follow it on till you reach the site!

 (A lot easier to find than most!!)

Option 2. Least Direct By Literally Miles (But definitely least congested)

Travel down M62 to A1 (between Junctions 32 and Junction 33, A1 Junction 41)

Change onto A1 Northbound to Junction 49

Change to A168, traveling north east to Thirsk and Sowerby.

At the end got across junction onto A19 northbound and follow this for ten miles aprox. (DO NOT under any circumstances try to go down the A170 through Pickering as you'll run up against a really steep hill that doesn't allow trailers and you'll have to turn round and come back.)

Turn onto A172 (Stocking Hill) and follow for six to seven miles until Stokesley area.

Turn onto A173 (Levenside and the Guisborough Road) and follow until it intersects with A171 at its end.

Turn right onto A171 Eastbound (Middlesbrough Road then Whitby Road, Birk Brow Road and Stainacre Lane)) and stay on it all the way Low Hawsker.

Take a left onto B1447 (Raw Pasture Bank)

Watch on left and turn into High Lane. Follow it on till you reach the site!

MSA and ARC club members are welcome to come along and join our events. Phone Mark on 07866 506521 / 01282 703718



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