Pennine Rules of Combat for CCV's

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Supplementary Regulations


B.8.3.1/B.8.3.2 The Pennine Landrover Club Limited (PLRC) is holding a

Cross Country Vehicle (CCV) trial.

B.8.3.3 The meeting will be governed by the General regulations

and the specific regulations for off-road events of the

Motor Sports Association (MSA), incorporating the

provisions of the International Sporting Code of the FIA,

any subsequent requirements of the MSA and the

Supplementary Regulations as attached.

B.8.3.4 MSA Permit No.

B.8.3.5 The event is open to:

a) All fully elected members of the PLRC

b) Any clubs MSA/ARC

B.8.3.6 The event is a round of the following Pennine


Class Champion and Champion Driver

B.8.3.7 Scrutineering will take place at the venue on the date of

the event from 08.00hrs to 09.30hrs. Vehicles not in the

queue for scrutineering by 09.30hrs will be excluded.


B.8.3.9 There will be at least 12 sections set out on private land

for Off-Road Land Rover based vehicles. Vehicles may

be divided into classes as set out below. Equivalent

off-road vehicles from other manufacturers WILL be


B.8.3.16 Trophies will be awarded for 1st, 2nd and 3rd in class,

provided that there are sufficient enteries in each class

as follows:

1st 3-5

2nd 6-8

3rd 9+

B.8.3.17 The maximum number of entries in each class is 30.

The minimum is 3. Classes may be amalgamated to

suspension type (leaf or coil/air)

B.8.3.18 The entry fee will be £20.00.

B.8.3.24 Officials of the meeting will be:


Clerk of Course......................... .......TBA

Secretary of the meeting..................Sue Wiggan

Chief Scrutineer...............................adrian lunn

B.8.3.23 The event may be cancelled at the discretion of the

organisers if the number of entrants are less than 5.

B.10.1.3 Vehicles may be double entered.

E.12.19.4;Q.2.1 Seat belts (minimum 2 lap strap) must be worn.

E.12.19.4 Bumpers need not be fitted.

H.1.5.2 Recovery may be undertaken by another competitor

under the supervison of the section marshal.

H.6.1 Public roads will not be used to link sections.

H.16.3.2 All competitors must produce a valid club membership


H.16.4.1 Vehicle classes are as follows:

Class 1 Leaf sprung up to 87 - silhouetted

Class 2 Coil sprung up to 87 - silhouetted

Class 3 Leaf sprung over 87 - silhouetted

Class 4 Coil sprung over 87 - silhouetted

Class 5 Space frames - non-silhouetted

Class 6 Vehicles fitted with diff lock, limited slip difflocks

and fiddle brakes.

H.25.1.2 Passengers may be varied at any time throughout the

event. Only one passenger may be carried and must

be signed on.

H.25.1.2 Passengers to be minimum age of 14 years.

H.25.1.4 Minimum tyre pressure to be 12psi.

H.25.2.1 Competition numbers need not be displayed.

H.26.3 Production vehicles with a wheelbase of 95 ins or more

will be permitted, one shunt per section, provided that

the bodywork below the waistline maintains its original


H.26.3.7 Marking and Penalties (Unlimited Observed Sections)

i the maximum penalty for an section is 12 points

ii hitting a marker with any part of the vehicle will incur the penalty points appropriate

to that marker, including mud fixed to motor

iii a vehicle stopping will incur the penalty appropriate to the marker in front of the

leading hub

iv a vehicle with all four wheels outside the course boundary will incur penalty points

appropriate to the marker in front of the leading hub at the point where vehicle left

the course

v maximum penalty will be incurred for refusing to attempt a section or not being

ready to attempt it when instructed by marshal

vi maximum penalty will be incurred for not coplying with a marshals instruction,

provided warning of penalty has been given

vii maximum penalty will be incurred if any driver or passenger in the vehicle is not

correctly seated

viii maximum penalty will be incurred if any tyre on the vehicle is below the minimum

permitted for the event

ix maximum penalty will be incurred for excessive wheel spin when stationary

x maximum penalty will be incurred for either occupant of the vehicle smoking on the


xi maximum penalty will be incurred for either occupant of vehicle with limbs out of

the vehicle while on the section

H.27.3.2 In the event of a tie, the competitor with the highest

number of clears will be the winner, followed by the most

number of lower scores.

H.36.2.2 Windscreens need not be fitted.

H.36.3.1 Where a vehicle crew consists of the driver only, only one

seat need be fitted.

H.36.7.1 Maxicross or equivalent tyres are not permitted.

H.36.13.1 Spare wheel not required.

H.36.13.2 Vehicles need not be taxed.

H.36.13.3 Vehicles need not comply with statutory construction and

use regulations.

H.36.13.3 All competitors must have their score cards marked

before they drive the next section or they will incur 12

penalty points.

All sections must be driven when setting up, up to gate 3


No crossing of tracks unless nominated at drivers


When last group to run a section has finished, section to

be pulled before driving the next one.

No looping of gates, must take driving line.

No children in backs of open motors.

Marshals to nominate next section to be driven.

If mud or clay etc. stuck to motor it becomes part of the

motor, if it touches cane then appropriate points will be


STOPS constant forward motion should be maintained

and when scrabbling for grip up hill or when all wheels

are spinnng a count of THREE will decide stop.

MSA and ARC club members are welcome to come along and join our events. Phone Mark on 07866 506521 / 01282 703718



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