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This page is dedicated to the legion of wives and friends who have, over the years, come along and either navigated or at least had a go, just to be supportive and show willing, but who are actually scared potless every time they go over anything more challenging than a one in three hill. You know the sort, they're the ones who seem to feel the need to navigate with their eyes shut and who think that you can somehow tell right from left by the pitch of their screaming.

Current incumbents of this illustrious guild include :-

Bekkie Dearnley
Linda Shaw
Georgina Thomas
Paige Alderson
Sue Wiggan Can't get a photo as she won't get back in the motor!
Kathryn Rigg
Jeanette Dearnley
Rosanna Lunn
Fiona Harrison
Gary Maxwell Can't get a photo as he's Chief Marshal now and has a good excuse not to get back in the motor
Incumbents wishing to be removed from the list must complete either three events or one roll over without a) Screaming, b) Screwing their eyes shut, c) Getting out with wobbly legs and trying to get out of doing the next run, d) Complaining about mud on any part of their anatomy, particularly the hair, e) praying for salvation.

MSA and ARC club members are welcome to come along and join our events. Phone Mark on 07866 506521 / 01282 703718



Pennine Land Rover Club, Pennine LRC